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Exotic Financial Instrument Redux

Exotic Financial Instrument Redux

After the Lehman Brothers debacle, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the exploding bubble in exotic derivatives, and [...]

Chasing the China Market

Chasing the China Market

China has always been a magnet for those who want to make money. There is the [...]

Hawaii Procurement Institute Conference

A conference on procurement sounds sleep-inducing, but spending tax dollars is actually pretty fascinating. [...]

The best $10 you’ll ever spend

After months of writing about the power of social media and online daily deals, we’ve finally [...]

Excise tax hike still an option. Hmmm?

Whew! Many local businesses breathed a sign of relief when the State Senate Ways and Means [...]

Affordable housing in Hawaii: What’s holding it up?

ThinkTech Hawaii hosted a half-day conference today to discuss one of Hawaii’s toughest and longest running [...]

Calvin Say and the Budget

One of the charms about interviewing Speaker Calvin Say is that I almost always come away [...]

Neil tells it like it is

There were plenty of laughs in Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s maiden State of the State speech Monday, [...]

Our Infrastructure Crisis

On Tuesday, HIPA was invited by a group from Labor to present its recent report on [...]

Abercrombie administration accepting online job applications

Looking for a job in the public sector? The Neil Abercrombie-Brian Schatz administration is accepting applications [...]