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Is Target right for Kailua?

There’s a struggle going on in my town, Kailua, over the planned opening of a Target [...]

Supporting Hawaii Public Radio and Something Very Different

Hawaii Public Radio has the enviable privilege of bucking the national and local trend toward more [...]

Another view: Keep politics out of schools; Vote ‘No’ on appointed BOE

I am a strong supporter of the Vote Yes campaign in favor of an appointed school [...]

Ensuring Our Prosperity

The nations that will prosper the most in this century will be those that give full [...]

Secrets from the Best Places to Work

If you’ve worked at lots of different organizations, like I have, you’ve probably encountered toxic workplaces, [...]

A lucrative, long-term market

It’s interesting that techie people can get just as nostalgic as the rest of us. You [...]

Staying evenhanded on the governor’s race

I was heartened by a compliment I received a few years ago while working as news [...]

Future of Hawaii News Media

Thank you, Dennis Hollier, for your compliment of what I said at the Recovery and Transformation [...]

Revitalizing Our Economy

If you want to solve a problem, one good way is to get together a couple [...]

Mufi and Neil’s Debate

Welcome to the HBiz Blog, written Hawaii Business’s writers and editors. This blog is a way [...]