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Chasing the China Market

Chasing the China Market

China has always been a magnet for those who want to make money. There is the [...]

Global Reach, Right from Home

Want to rub shoulders with the big leagues of business, government and industry from around the [...]

International shot to strut your stuff

Got ideas? Got innovation? Got product? Got ambition? Then APEC 2011 has something for you. APEC, [...]

Excise tax hike still an option. Hmmm?

Whew! Many local businesses breathed a sign of relief when the State Senate Ways and Means [...]

Hawaii product helps in Japan nuclear collapse

A product developed in a small laboratory in Honolulu may help the Japanese dig out from [...]

Big Deal Meeting on the Horizon. Get ready

Are you, or anyone you know, planning a Hawaii vacation in early November? If so, better [...]

Civil Unions bill a yawner for most businesses

Now that Gov Abercrombie has signed Hawaii’s civil unions bill into law, the debate begins: What [...]

Neil tells it like it is

There were plenty of laughs in Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s maiden State of the State speech Monday, [...]

For business, a new political landscape begins to emerge

In some business circles, there is a fair amount of trembling today. Democrat Neil Abercrombie won [...]

Perfect Storm of change coming to a state near you

Call it the Perfect Storm of politics, business, education…well… everything. The observation came from developer Dick [...]