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Omidyar Fellows Program Offers Transformational Learning Opportunities

This is a guest post from Kalei Stern, Omidyar Fellows director.

If we want to ensure Hawaii’s future leaders will be able to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing our state, we must cultivate a community of emerging executives and  equip them with the skills and relationships they’ll need to affect positive, lasting change in our community.

It is for this reason — to inspire and prepare our next-generation leaders to collectively transform Hawaii — that the Omidyar Fellows program was launched in May 2012 by the Hawaii Leadership Forum.

Thirteen Fellows – young men and women from diverse sectors throughout Hawaii – were selected to participate in the inaugural class of the Omidyar Fellows program. In May, the group marked the halfway point of this 15-month program. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know and work with these exemplary individuals, and I know that Hawaii’s future is in great hands. The inaugural class has grown tremendously as a result of the program, learning about themselves and gaining new skills that will help them be more effective and engaged leaders.

One of the many things that sets the Omidyar Fellows program apart is that the curriculum is tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of participants. The customized program includes a kickoff event and series of orientation activities, one full-day session each month, executive coaching and conversations with current leaders. In addition, Fellows learn new skills, network with peers, self-reflect and participate in personal growth opportunities.

In short, the Omidyar Fellows program offers a truly unique opportunity for Hawaii’s young leaders to experience an extraordinary learning opportunity.

I am excited and pleased to announce that the Omidyar Fellows is now accepting applications for its second cohort online at www.OmidyarFellows.org through June 30, 2013.

Omidyar Fellows is seeking applicants who represent a wide range of sectors including government, nonprofit, for-profit businesses, and labor unions.

The ideal candidate for the Omidyar Fellows is someone who has:

  • demonstrated, as a leader, the courage, commitment, passion, and capability to get things done;
  • solved complex problems within an organization or community;
  • developed a working style that incorporates problem solving, original thinking, collaboration and innovation;
  • earned leadership responsibilities beyond his or her years of employment based on track record of accelerated achievement;
  • demonstrated engagement in the community beyond professional responsibilities; and
  • arrived at an understanding of Hawaii’s cultural, social, and political contexts.

We look forward to building upon the momentum of our successful first year for the Omidyar Fellows program, and to now bring these exciting opportunities to a new group of up to 15 up-and-coming local leaders.

Pierre Omidyar, founder of the Omidyar Fellows, summed up the rationale for the program best when he said, “Hawaii’s next generation of leaders will inherit huge challenges – some of them recent developments, some passed down from their predecessors. Effective leaders must address existing challenges and, at the same time, create proactive measures that move Hawaii forward — all while operating in an increasingly fast-paced and transparent world.”

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Omidyar Fellows program — or think you might qualify as a candidate — please visit our website at www.OmidyarFellows.org or email info@omidyarfellows.org.

In the photo, members of the Omidyar Fellows first cohort listen to a speaker at a learning session. Photo courtesy Omidyar Fellows.

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