HawaiiWritten by Beverly Creamer On 22 January 2013
Hats off to Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Honolulu International Airport security!

As I dropped family members at the airport last week and waved them goodbye, the curbside security officer shot me a warning glance.

“Oh-oh,” I thought, “I’ve paused too long.”

I was wrong. His keen eye had spotted trouble. My right rear tire was low. Dangerously low. So low, in fact, I’d better immediately find a service station, he said.

Now here’s the rub. At 9 o’clock at night at the airport there simply aren’t many service stations along Nimitz Highway or seemingly anywhere else nearby. Especially when you’re limping along on 10 pounds of air.

Block after block after block … Nothing.

I turned the corner, and tried the next dark and lonely side street. Nothing.

Finally back at the airport, I was afraid to keep hunting aimlessly — I know, I should have Googled one on my iPhone — but I also feared to keep on driving.

So I did what any desperate human being would do: I pulled into the closest rental car agency and begged for help.

It happened to be Enterprise Rent-A-Car – and it happened to be the best choice possible.

The two employees checking in rental car returns were unstinting in their assistance. One stayed with the task at hand, the other hopped in and directed me to the area where cars are washed and cleaned and readied for the next customer.

He asked the technician on hand to check the tire. With a smile, he pumped it full of air, and maybe saved my life. One really doesn’t want a blowout on the H-3 heading back to Kailua.

Forever more I will rent from Enterprise. Looking up their website I noted they have 240 airport locations in five countries. If I’m traveling in Germany, the U.K., Ireland, Canada or anywhere in the U.S., you’re my company!

As your website points out: “Enterprise is known for its exceptionally low rates, neighborhood convenience and its outstanding service …” Your commitment to service certainly was evident that night.

That one genuine act of kindness has earned you a customer for life!

Thanks again!

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I also travel a lot, and i still think that europcar is the best!

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