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Hawaii Finds Itself On Two National Lists

This week Hawaii was on two lists posted on the Huffington Post, one in respect to home prices and the other attractiveness.

10 Most Expensive Cities To Buy A Home: 24/7 Wall Street shows a list of cities compiled by Coldwell Banker Real Estate where the average home price topped $1.2 million. Kailua, Oahu, ranked eighth. In fact, Kailua and Rye, New York, were the only cities on the list outside of California.

The writers also indicated that even though Hawaii had only one city on the list, the state itself “proved the most expensive on an aggregate measure.”

8. Kailua, HI

Avg. listing price: $1,238,208
Median household income: $91,082
Pct. households $200,000+ income: 14.7%

“Kailua is one of just two cities on this list not located in California. The Oahu Island city is 12 miles northeast of Honolulu, which had a vacancy rate of 2.7% — better than most areas but considerably worse than the other areas on the list. As of October, the median price per square foot for a home in the Honolulu area was $398, more than in any other metro except for San Francisco. According to Trulia, a 0.75 acres plot of land, which includes 128 feet of beachfront, is currently for sale for $16 million in Kailua.”

On Travel+Leisure magazine’s America’s Most And Least Attractive Locals list, Hawaii ranked ninth. A mainland real estate agent “chalked it up to the locals’ regular access to sand, surf and sunshine.”

Referring to a trip to Southern California, “After one week there, I actually looked and felt healthier,” she says. “My skin was glowing, my hair was shiny, and even my nails grew — and they never grow.”

No. 9 Honolulu

“Despite the fashion gambles of occasional floral shirts and muumuus, the Hawaiians are regulars in the attractive top 10 for their compelling mix of diversity, fitness, and a mellow attitude. It can only help that the Hawaiian city won the top spot in the survey’s weather category.”

So I guess if you cannot afford that house in Kailua at least living on the beach will make you “attractive.”

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