Hawaii Small BusinessWritten by Havre On 05 October 2012
William Sonoma Features Hawaii Products

Williams Sonoma is selling some of Hawaii’s products and will be featuring six of them in a demo day on Saturday, Oct. 6. There’s a wide assortment from coffee to candy. The companies to be featured and their promo writeups with websites are listed below.

  • Aikane Plantation Coffee Co. (www.aikaneplantation.com). Aikane Coffee is 100 percent Hawaiian gourmet coffee, grown on a family estate located on the slopes of the majestic Mauna Loa Mountain in the District of Kau.
  • All Hawaiian Honey (allhawaiianhoney.com). John “Cioci” Dalire’s All Hawaiian Honey produces some of Oahu and Molokai’s finest honeys. The 100 percent pure Hawaiian honey is unprocessed to retain its natural goodness.
  • Hawaiian Happy Cake (happycake.com). By combining local macadamia nuts from the Big Island, delicious sweet pineapple, fresh coconut and the finest of baking ingredients, Hawaii’s most famous cake tantalizes taste buds with true Hawaiian flavor.
  • Hawaiian Nougat (www.hawaiiannougat.com). Only fresh island ingredients are incorporated into Hawaiian Nougat’s unique nougat. It begins with natural cane sugar from Maui, white honey from Kiawe or Ohia Lehua flowers that are added to fresh local egg whites, and Hawaiian macadamia nuts. Big Island vanilla beans enhance all the flavors.
  • Kahuku Farms (www.kahukufarms.com). Where wholesome country freshness begins, Kahuku Farms is well-known for its fresh produce and its long history on the North Shore. Their lilikoi butter and jelly are tangy and sweet and their pineapple papaya spread is another Island favorite. A perfect way to start a day in paradise.
  • Waikiki Mint Limeade (waikikimintlimeade.weebly.com). Kyle and Elizabeth of Waikiki Mint Limeade are committed to supporting sustainability through sourcing from Hawai’i's local farmers. Their refreshing all-natural limeade is made from limes from Kona and organic cane sugar and fresh mint from Waimanalo.

Go out and support our local vendors!

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