Career EducationWritten by Beverly Creamer On 06 July 2012
Looking for a flex job? Here’s help

Want to know the latest trends in flexible jobs? Are you moving and need a job in your new location? Or have you just come to the state and are hunting for the right category to put down some employment roots?

The website will show where the flex job marketplace is headed, employment-wise, and could help point you in the right direction. The trend report shows what areas of the workforce are growing and where you might want to focus if you’re pondering going back to school.

Many of the newest job areas also include options to telecommute, which is no longer considered a trend, but now common place.

These career categories are considered the best options for flexible positions, according to job increases from May to June.

  • Entertainment and Media – up 33 percent.
  • Entry-level – up 30 percent.
  • Research – Up 17 percent.
  • Writing – Up 14 percent.
  • Medical and Health – Up 10 percent.

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