WorkplaceWritten by Jason Ubay On 19 March 2012
Practical Jokes: The Donut Hire

Melissa Kim (@Melissa_Kim) of BASH Events, a boutique event coordination and management company, missed our deadline for Best Practical Jokes contest, but she wanted to share this prank with us. She says:

I injured my tailbone over a weekend and returned to work Monday morning at McNeil Wilson Communications with a donut cushion for my office chair to help alleviate the pain, much to the amusement of my colleagues. I stepped out for a meeting at some point during the day and came back to find my donut missing from my chair. After searching around the office for it (and my colleagues, of course, claiming they had no idea what could have possibly happened to it), I returned to my desk, only to find my donut had found its way back to my chair and a Powerpoint presentation greeting me on my computer monitor. (Some photos from the presentation are below.)

My co-workers thought it would be a fun idea to not only place my donut in various places around the office, but to show it off as the newest hire :)

The donut takes a call.

The donut creates a new Pandora station.

The donut heads up a meeting.


Do you have an office prank or practical joke planned for April Fool’s Day?

Photos: Courtesy Melissa Kim

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Funny Birthday Wishes
Funny Birthday Wishes

Although I haven't actually tried it myself yet, one of the funniest prank ideas I ever heard of was to load someone's cubicle with those box foam peanut things and then seal it off with some type of plastic. Nice surprise for someone to come to work to.