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Does the holiday party matter to your career?

Are you in trouble at work if you skip the holiday party? According to a new survey of more than 1,000 senior managers at companies with 20 or more employees, it’s not going to damage your career if you’re a “no show” this holiday season.

According to the survey respondents, 61 percent said there’s no unwritten rule that employees should make an appearance at the annual holiday get-together. However, another 38 percent think there is an unwritten rule that says employees are expected to show up.

The survey was conducted by OfficeTeam, a California staffing service that specializes in placing highly skilled administrative professionals.

The survey also took the opportunity to query managers about where they typically hold their office party at year’s end. The results: 41 percent went off-site; 31 percent stayed on-site; 20 percent decorated the office; 17 percent had an informal gift exchange and 16 percent did nothing.

OfficeTeam also offers tips for how to keep the party fun, including the suggestions to mingle with coworkers outside your usual circle, avoid shoptalk and negative discussions, and keep your chats short so you don’t monopolize anyone’s time.

Happy holidays!

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