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More Advice from Mary Flood

In our November issue, we talked to Mary Flood, vice president of sales and marketing for D.R. Horton – Schuler Division. She talked about what it takes to be a great Realtor, changing careers and volunteering. Here’s some more advice she shared with us.

HB: What was your first job? What was the biggest lesson you learned while there?

Flood: I worked my way through school with many different jobs but I think being a waitress really taught me a lot about people. I learned that there are many different personalities and expectations. I learned not to take crabby remarks personally and I learned that a smile and a cheery disposition can really make a person’s day.

HB: Most people recall reaching a “turning point” in their lives. Do you have one? If you do, what was it and how did it change your life or career?

Flood: When I was trying to decide whether to stay in speech pathology or go into real estate fulltime, a friend of mine said, “If you stay in the school system, you will have security but you will also know how each day will be for the next 20 years. If you take the risk and go into real estate, you can make each day as you want it to be for the rest of your life.” That person also said, “No one can take away from you the education you have received and the experiences you have had. They will stay with you and help you always.” Those wise words helped me to move forward.

HB: What’s a lesson you learned as a child that you still use today?

Flood: My parents taught me that we are all equal in this world. They would say, “No one is better than you and you are no better than anyone else.” They told me to “treat everyone with respect and do all jobs with pride.”

HB: What was the most important business lesson that you have learned?

Flood: It goes back to my previous answer. EVERY PERSON AND EVERY JOB is important. It takes a lot of cogs for a machine to operate and it takes a lot of people to make an organization operate effectively. The cleaning people who make the office shine  help create a pleasant work environment and  the proper image for the company. I have always felt that it is the secretaries who RULE THE WORLD.

HB: What is the biggest or most embarrassing mistake you ever made? What did you learn from it and/or how did you fix it?

Flood: I showed up late for a job interview. This person was interviewing me to work for him as a sales trainer and recruiter. He asked me if I was habitually late and did I know that being late was disrespectful of other people and of their time. I have been on time or early ever since.

HB: Do you have any regrets or missed opportunities that you should have taken, or taken earlier ?

Flood: My only regret is that I did not learn TIME MANAGEMENT sooner. Setting priorities does not mean that you can DO IT ALL. But it does mean that  you  can  do more than you thought possible and you can do EVERYTHING that matters.

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Thanks a great talk.. I really learned a lot from it.. I am so glad that you shared this to us.. Keep posting some more informative post like this!

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I definitely agree about learning time management. I'm not, naturally, the most organised oerson but by learning time management I not only increased my productivity but also my leisure time.


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