WorkplaceWritten by Beverly Creamer On 27 October 2011
Finance Factors employees walk 3,000 miles

In a new and novel way Finance Factors has encouraged employees to promote and embrace an active lifestyle. The result? Over a recent six-week period employees throughout the state accumulated a total of 3,252 miles by adding brisk walking or running to their days.

Nearly half of the company’s employees throughout the state took part in this inaugural “Tour de Factors,” as it’s being called.

The idea was to encourage employees to run or walk the combined distance of the famous Tour de France — 2,200 miles — within a defined amount of time. But they far surpassed their goal – with Shirley Jackson, the champion, completing an impressive 288 miles.

The exercise challenge also included Executive Expeditions led by Finance Factors executives in healthy marches through downtown both before and after work. Eight of the company’s employees statewide managed to walk 100 miles or more during the event.

Each year Finance Factors has held a fitness challenge for employees to encourage healthier lives and promote wellness. This year employees took the challenge and managed to add a mile or two to their daily routines every day.

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A great idea. This would be a great if this is not the last and will be followed by other companies. Let's run for our healthy lifestyle.