Education HawaiiWritten by Jason Ubay On 31 August 2011
How colleges connect with businesses

Aside from internships, most businesses rarely interact with universities, but many are working side by side on different projects. recently had a list of 10 such partnerships, and why they work:

In these arrangements, businesses are able to enjoy fresh new ideas, and often, cheap or free labor. In return, college students take advantage of a curriculum that extends way beyond the bounds of their college classroom, embracing opportunities to get hands-on training and experience in the field. Often, third parties also benefit from the fruits of their collaborative labor, making these matchups incredibly beneficial for education, business, and society.

Some students have helped corporations design a car, publish a hyper-local digital newspaper and even refine beer brewing techniques.

And the University of Hawaii may not be far behind. A recent story in Pacific Business News focused on UH’s plan to beef up its Office of Technology and Economic Development, bringing more UH inventions to market.

Full story at 10 Cool Ways Colleges are Collaborating with Businesses

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