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An Alternative Take on Resumes

Your resume is your ambassador. It represents everything you have accomplished in life professionally. Most of the time, your resume meets your potential employer on behalf of you, way ahead of your first face-to-face meeting.

Resumes are not just for job hunting only. We all need resumes. A resume provides a concise summary of professional experience which can serve as a way to land a new business, speaking gig or board position. It is essential to always have an up-to-date resume that’s ready to go on a moment’s notice.

If your resume does not stand out from the crowd, it means you are part the crowd and almost invisible.

Fortunately, there are interesting ways to enhance your resume that can give you the edge over others and help you stand out from the crowd.

Adding graphics to text has proven to be very effective way to make things more interesting; think of old DOS versus Windows. Thanks to the Internet, the same principle can be applied to resumes in the form of slideshows, videos, infographics, shared documents and distributed instantly to millions.


Michael Anderson’s infographic resume turns his employment and academic history into a colorful visual journey.

If you don’t have the graphical skills, fear not.  For those with less design skills, you can standout by simply adding the logo of the company you are applying to on your resume and cover letter. Some creativity goes a long way.

Oguz Alaz used Google Earth to visualize his resume overlaying it to the city where he lives, Istanbul Turkey. You can actually browse it live on Google Earth.

Pau Morgan turned her CV into a clean, modern chart that is engaging, yet easy on the eyes.


Brandon Kleinman adds a really creative twist by making a short presentation out of his Facebook photos.

Hiring process is a carefully orchestrated sequence, where every step has to be precise in order to generate positive results. Creative approaches like these are valuable addendums to a professional resume, and so is a LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, personal website, video resume, audio resume, etc. All of these presentation media come together through a stellar professional resume.

If you have an alternative resume, please share with us in the comments section.

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