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COMPANY: Maui Divers Jewelry

BEST PLACES TO WORK 2011 RANK: No. 16, Large-sized companies (250 or more employees)



BENEFITS: Employee Stock Option Program; Offers tuition reimbursement and bonuses for referring new clients.

Maui Divers Jewelry employees can be spotted all over the island; in Waikiki, in front of the Dole Plantation, the airport, even spotting a few of their company ads on the back of buses is possible.

Since 1959, the Maui Divers Jewelry brand has been synonymous with the finest of Hawaiian jewelry; particularly with their pearl collections. Within the company, among the many benefits, employees own 35 percent of the company through their employee stock option program.

The goals for Maui Divers Jewelry are to continually improve the working environment for our employees and to take their suggestions and implement changes. Attaining another Best Places to Work designation would be nice too.

Lori Okawa-Alvarez, Maui Divers’ HR Director, shares why Maui Divers Jewelry is a Best Place to Work in Hawaii.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: Okawa-Alvarez shares that among all the great employees at Maui Divers, a few standouts really exemplify the company’s mission:

  • Pua Rosal, International Market Store Manager
  • Danice Mah, Human Resource specialist
  • Annalie Appara, Reception lead
  • Eileen Rosal, District Manager

MORALE BOOSTERS: “We do quarterly reward luncheons for administrative departments (shipping, factory) that meet set goals,” Okawa-Alvarez says. “At the store level we provide our stores with monthly team dinners to encourage team work.”

AWARDS AND HONORS: In 2008, Maui Divers was awarded retail business of the year by the Retail Merchants of Hawaii. Awards within the company include a service award program, recognizing employee service with the company. “Employees are recognized starting at 10 years of service to 40 years,” Okawa-Alvarez says. This award includes:

  • Jewelry
  • Monetary award
  • Luncheon

WHY ARE YOU A BEST PLACE TO WORK? “The Ohana values that are followed by the management team and the above and beyond consideration that is given to our employees for their unique situations,” Okawa-Alvarez says.

In April, Hawaii Business released the results of 2011’s Best Places to Work in Hawaii.

Since this assessment is only conducted once every year, we wanted to follow up with some of the companies to see how they are keeping business booming and employees happy.

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