Big Business Economy Hawaii Small BusinessWritten by Shara Enay On 01 June 2011

The BOSS is in.

Hawaii Business magazine released its semi-annual Business Outlook and Sentiment Survey this morning at a press conference at the Anthology Theater.

The verdict: According to 400 business leaders in Hawaii, the news remains bleak on three key measures, including jobs, revenue and profit. In each case, more companies said they experienced declines during the past year than increases. However, the outlook for the coming year remains somewhat positive. Thirty-four percent of those surveyed predict the overall economy will improve in 2012, while 24 percent foresee a decline.

In general, construction companies are performing worse than the average Hawaii company, but industry leaders share the same level of optimism for the state’s overall economy as the average local business leader.

To see the full BOSS results, check out the June issue of Hawaii Business magazine, or download the full results on our website.

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