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Interisland Terminal – a two-year-old, Hawaii-based organization that promotes culture and innovation in the areas of art, design and film through year-round exhibitions – use pop-up stores to bring attention to showcase innovators. Its latest is “Interisland Travelwrights,” featuring travel goods, and inspired art and fashion by Big Islanders Sig, Nalani and Kuha‘o Zane. These items are normally found only online at www.sigzane.com or in their Hilo store.

Sig Zane

Pop-up stores are temporary retail shops. Businesses or organizers find an empty retail space; a store opens to sell products and isn’t chained down to a long-term lease. The space owner also benefits if the space isn’t being used. It may not bring in a lot of cash, but can increase awareness.

Nalani Zane

The exhibit of installation art will run collaboratively with the retail shop – which will introduce a limited-edition apparel design by Sig Zane called Ponoholo. In addition, the Zanes will each present lectures, discussing their artwork. ITO: Interisland Travelwrights can be viewed daily June 3 to June 12, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Kuha`o Zane

Last year at the Parc Hotel, Interisland Terminal opened “Reed Space,” a pop-up bookstore carrying art, design and architecture titles. Even though it lasted less than a month, the store grabbed the attention of passers by.

“The store was very successful on a number of levels,” says Wei Fang, Interisland Terminal’s curator of art and design. “Over 120 people came to the preview event; 80 another night for a lecture; over 40 for a book talk; and a steady stream throughout, everyday.”

Whether you own an online-based company trying to get offline visibility, seeking to expand your business in another market, clear out old inventory, or simply trying out a new business idea; pop-up stores can help gauge the outcome of your next business venture.

Having known to last anywhere from as short as a day or weekend to being a business’s seasonal activity, pop-up stores are based on an agreement between lessor and lessee.

“We had a good relationship with the Parc Hotel,” says Fang. “It was their first time doing something like this but everything went smoothly and we were invited back to a second pop-up.”

For lecture dates and further information, visit www.interislandterminal.org/exhibitions

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