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We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, shouldn’t we try to do all that we can to sustain it?

Going Green doesn’t stop at home, we need to “think green” throughout the day in our daily lives and that includes the workplace. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start which is why we can take a lesson from one of the greenest city’s in the world – Portland, Ore.

BEST Business Center in Portland, Ore., strives to provide access to financial and technical incentives to assist with green business operations. BEST which stands for “Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow” helps businesses conserve resources, improve efficiency, save money and provide a healthy and quality workspace for employees.

Megan Stein of BEST offers tips that Hawaii businesses can easily implement.

1)      Create a green team to coordinate your green efforts.
2)      Encourage employees to drive less and save more.
3)      Reduce your energy consumption through efficient equipment and conservation practices.
4)      Explore high performance green building options for major renovations or remodels.
5)      Buy green power or consider installing a solar energy system.
6)      Create a sustainable purchasing policy that gives preference to green products from local businesses.
7)      Aim for zero waste by recycling, composting, using durable dishware, buying in bulk and printing double-sided.
8)      Conserve water use in the office and in your landscaping.
9)      Manage your stormwater through bioswales, green roofs, permeable surfaces or rainwater collection.
10)  Connect your employees to the community.

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